I recall memories, even as a young girl,  when premonitions I experienced were uncanny and very accurate glimpses into future happenings. Though I could never explain how I knew the things I knew about the future, these intuitions were ever present. I always felt an extremely powerful connection to the spirit world and was always fascinated with the things I saw, heard, felt, and dreamt. 

Eventually, I felt the desire to learn more about all of this, and I began my journey in better understanding and mastering my psychic and medium abilities.  I was guided to take classes to develop my abilities to communicate and to better understand my abilities.  When I was given my first reading, by a medium, she brought in my mom, dad, and brother.  As I received these messages from my passed loved ones, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do for others.  I wanted others to know this amazing feeling!

I now bring this gift to others who have suffered loss or who want to know what the future holds. There are powerful messages to be received from Spirit and that is my purpose and how I hope to serve you.