Psychic and Medium Readings to help you connect with Spirit and your passed loved ones




A little about how I became more aware of my psychic and medium abilities, which later led to my mediumship development, and now, my professional activities.  


I offer various mediumship services: clairvoyant psychic and medium sessions in private, group readings, and party readings. My services also include mediumship mentoring programs, development circles, speaking events, classes, and seminars.  I enjoy creating Spiritually Inspired Artworks for commission and for sale.  

Upcoming Events

I work at many events including metaphysical fairs and expos in many states.  At times, I conduct seminars, classes, development circles. 

"After this reading, I am a BELIEVER!  Everything was right on, 100%!  I loved every minute!!"    A. J.

"WONDERFUL!!  You will always be loved from the hearts of many others to come!  God Bless Always!"   B. Williams

"Thank you for the experience and helping me to get my friend to believe!  She is in AWE!"   Heather

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful reading today!  Thanks for sharing your gift with me!  I greatly appreciate it!  You are truly amazing!"   Vanessa W.

"Thank you for connecting with my daughter!"  Billie Jo

"AMAZING!!  No joke, Terry, you were spot on!"   T. M.

"WOW! WOW! !WOW!  Thanks, Terry - my loved ones thank you, too!"  Sandi

"Thank you so much, you are amazing!  It really meant a lot to me!  Sheila G.

"I just wanted to tell you thanks again. It was so great to meet you, and is it bad that I can’t wait to do it again? LOL! Seriously though, I may want to do more future readings and I so enjoyed the visits from B and J! You are a wonderful lady!” J.A.